I have put together a combonation of simple, seated stretches for those working from home during this Covid-19 self-isolation period. However, this routine will be helpful even once this period is over.

Anyone sitting at a computer would benefit in using this exercise routine to reduce headaches, neck pain, stiff shoulders and lower back problems.

Don’t worry the video is not too long but long enough to be effective and short enough that you’ll easily place it in your daily routine. Hope you like it!


Other blogs, complete with simple seated stretches and other self-help video’s that you may find interesting are Upper cross Syndrome and Lower Cross Syndorme.

Virtual appointments

Remember, if you need further help I am available. Even though I am unable to phyisically see you in person at present. I am able to do tele-vision/virtual appointments with you. We all have needed to adapt the way we work and I am finding this way of working with patients surprising effective. So never fear, help is still here if you need it.

Written by Anne French Chiropractor and Functional Medicine Practitioner.

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