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Anne has transformed my body!

Every day everything I did hurt. I first went to see Anne several months ago following a recommendation from a friend. I was suffering greatly from pain, pretty much all over and inflammation to my hands, feet and left shoulder.

I can honestly say Anne has transformed my body and consequently my confidence. I have had manipulation and major dietary help to hit the cause of inflammation. My diet and lifestyle have changed, I am in far less pain, am much more supple, am energised and have lost a stone without even trying.

Thank you Anne for making me feel younger, bright eyed and bushy tailed – everyone is commenting on it!

Jo Hammond

 Very beneficial

Anne, every time I walk out of your clinic, I feel very much better than when I walked in. I have no idea how you determine what you do (neurological testing???) but every session is very beneficial.

Many thanks.

Peter Locke

Neck & head pain relief

I wanted to send you a wee email to say thank you so much for helping me and my neck/head during my short visit to England.

I was in some discomfort when I saw you and had been for about 6 months. Your exam, treatment and advice was the best I have ever experienced and since my two visits with you the numbness in my head has not returned. My left shoulder is slowly stiffening up again since my return to Aussie but not to the degree I have had.

You are brilliant at what you do Anne and thank you so much for opening my eyes to real chiropractic treatment. I have taken all your advice on board and am now ‘chiro shopping’ for an Anne in Sydney. I will let you know how I get on. As for my stress levels….as hard as I find it, I will take my blinkers off and deal with them. Not sure how yet but I’m thinking Pilates as a first stop.

Thanks again Anne. I will keep in touch and I will make an appointment with you next time I’m back in England.

Natalie Turner

Immediately effective

I had been putting up with neck pain for several weeks before I visited Coast Chiropractic. I found a warm welcome and was questioned about my pain, plus lots of other aspects of my lifestyle.

Anne talked me through a treatment plan, answering all of my questions. Anne’s humour set me at ease. She made sure I understood exactly what she was going to do. The treatment was immediately effective – when I left the clinic I was able to turn my head without wincing!

Anne’s knowledge of the body and mind and how they influence your health enabled her to give me lots of excellent advice that have already had positive effects on my general well being.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Anne to anyone who is relying on painkillers to deal with a problem.

Steve Boucher

Telepathic fingers!

I attended Coast Clinic after a short stay in hospital but still in considerable pain. Anne welcomed me and reassured me about the context and extent of treatment that she would be able to do with me, putting me at ease from the very moment that I arrived at her practice.

Unlike hospital where treatment consisted of the elimination of life threatening causes and then temporary pain relief. Anne set to work by first understanding the cause of the pain and in explaining all of the processes that were being used to remove the cause, not just treating the symptoms.

Anne calmly and professionally sought out each offending muscle and vertebrae and coaxed them back into place, checking all the time that I was okay and letting me have some control over the extent and range of the work that was being done. I suspect she has telepathic fingers.

I cannot recommend her services and her clinic highly enough! She put me at ease and has helped me to heal, she has done this in a gentle and considered way that has given me the confidence to recommend my closest family to use the services of her clinic.

Thank you Anne!

Paula Lewendon

 Warm friendly approach

My wife and I always recommend Anne to all our friends who suffer from any neck, back or spinal related discomfort. She is an excellent chiropractor with a positive, grounded, holistic approach and a warm friendly outlook on life. She also has a great sense of humour and is an expert in applied kinesiology.

As a long distance runner I see Anne as an essential part of my personal fitness and well being and would recommend her to anyone wanting to take proactive care of their health as well as those needing relief from back and neck problems.

Jeremy Corner

Limb pain

Anne is doing wonders for my foot/ankle/knee/hip pain (all as a result of ignoring the problem ages ago). Don’t ignore niggles, get them seen to.

Anne is also a fun person to be around…

H Hilder-Darling

Gentle cranial work

My family find attending at regular intervals incredibly beneficial, not only through chiropractic manipulation but also Anne’s invaluable knowledge of kinesiology testing.

Both of our girls, now aged 14 years and 11 years have been treated since they were six months old. Firstly through gentle cranial manipulation right through to hips being re-aligned, head and neck adjustment.

As for my husband and I there is a never ending list of ailments both physical and emotional that she has helped with, ranging from backache, headaches, sciatica, feet, hormonal imbalance and most recently with grieving which has been invaluable.

My family and I have been clients of Anne since before she opened her own practise in 2004. I prefer to take my family and I to see Anne at her practise in Hove than to go to my own G.P in Felpham, Bognor Regis. I have 100% faith in her and that she will resolve our problems.

Vija Lowe

Highly recommend

I’ve been seeing Anne for a number of complaints on and off for almost 4 years. I initially booked an appointment for my back but due to Anne’s holistic approach to health it led to exploring the connection of my back and hip pain to other areas of my health and well being, which she was sucessfully able to support me with.

During a period of bereavement, I found it particularly beneficial. I’ve always left consultations feeling healed and calm and I find her extremely intuitive to my needs. Highly recommend.

Ziggi Tongi

Sorts out any aches and pains

Anne makes you feel so welcome and comfortable and has been treating me and my family for years. You can always count on her to sort out any aches and pains. In addition, she has an enormous knowledge of the body and can help with internal problems to. I would never see another chiropractor again, and I travel over an hour to see her!

Jenny Lowe

Treament during pregnancy

Anne enabled me to carry on working during my second pregnancy and prevented me from requiring crutches for SPD.

I have ongoing neck and lower back problems which always respond well to Anne’s treatments and I always leave feeling not just physically better but truly holistically cared for.

Kathy Sykes

 I am pain free

If anyone is looking for an excellent Chiropractor, look no further, as I can highly recommend Anne.

I have had a painful neck for some time, and also issues with my lower back. Thanks to Anne I am pain free for the first time in a while. I am so pleased I have attended your clinic for treatment, and Anne’s knowledge, treatment and advice has been invaluable. My treatment is ongoing for the moment, but I will also make sure that I have a regular ‘MOT’ in the future with Anne.

I would also like to mention the nice relaxed atmosphere at the clinic, and the lovely and friendly receptionists.

I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to Anne and all the staff.

Kind regards

Jette Medhurst

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