Restore your health, harmony and vitality

Chiropractor and Functional Medicine Practitioner. Located in Lancing.

Restore your health, harmony and vitality

Chiropractor and Functional Medicine Practitioner. Located in Brighton and Hove.

Chiropractor & Functional Medicine Practitioner Hove

  • Is back pain stopping you from living your life to the fullest?
  • Are you suffering from neck or shoulder discomfort?
  • Had enough of those niggling headaches?
  • Putting up with bothersome joint pain?
  • Maybe you wake up in the morning thinking, ‘I just don’t have the energy to get through another day?’
  • Perhaps you are fed up of always feeling bloated and suffering from diarhhea or constipation?
  • You know that something is wrong but you don’t know what to do about it?
  • Do you want to restore your health?

Anne French, Chiropractor & Functional Medicine Practitioner in Lancing, is passionate about helping you suceed in reaching your health goals.

We are open during Covid lockdowns

We have all the safety regulations in place and will be wearing full PPE. You will be given instructions before your appointment so have no concerns; you will know what to expect. We can offer you a face-to-face appointment at the clinic, however, if you are in isolation, we can still offer you help with a video call appointment. Whatever your personal needs, we are here to help you. You are not alone.

Why choose us?

We offer exceptional hands on treatment to our patients that vary in age from new born babies to the elderly.

Anne listens to you; performs a thorough physical examination, then explains why you are in pain or discomfort and what she plans to do about it as well as expaining what you can do to help yourself. Meanwhile, reassuring you and making you feel at ease.

Whether you want to get rid of all those niggling pains that reduce your quality of life with the help of Chiropractic treatment or perhaps you would like to restore your health; discover the vitality you thought you had lost forever and require advice on how to create the hamony you are craving in your life by following a Functional Medicine programme. Anne will work closely with you to manage your health needs, whether you want to Just get out of pain and rehab an injury, or need advice and a plan of action to make healthy lifestyle changes to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Coast is the premier Chiropractic and Functional Medicine clinic in Hove, where patient care is paramount.  We strive to provide our patients with the very best healthcare and advice based on the latest training, clinical procedures and research information in a friendly caring environment. Our high standards allow us to produce outstanding results for our patients.

We look forward to welcoming you to the clinic and working with you to reach your health goals.

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Coast Chiropractic
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