Fresh lemon and ginger tea has been one of my staple daily inclusions since October last year. Apart from it being a really good anti-inflammatory and immune boosting tea it also tastes delicious!

I do recommend it to patients quite a lot so forgive me if you have heard this all before but I thought I would mention it here as many people ask me how to make it. It’s simple.


  • fresh lemon chunk (to taste)
  • fresh ginger (to taste) thinly sliced
  • raw honey (optional)

Squeeze the lemon into a mug. Add the thinly sliced ginger (increased surface area contact with water) or a chunk if you can’t be bothered to slice. Then fill the mug with boiling water. Voila lemon and ginger tea!

You can add honey if you wish. I often add some turmeric (many good properties) to it.

This tea is also nice chilled in the summer.

I usually have a mug of this tea on the go and just top up the ingredients as needed during the day. I always top it up with boiling water before I go to bed so that I can drink it first thing in the morning.

Written by Anne French, Chiropractor and Functional Medicine Practitioner

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