Testes pain is the subject of this blog. Lets face it guys, there are only certain parts of your body that you are really concerned about and that is why we have written this little ditty to grab your attention (so to speak) for Father’s Day. So this is for all you father’s and potential father’s out there. Look after yourselves – you’re worth it!

Testes pain

However worrying a pain in the testes may be for a man, it would be fair to say that men are generally notorious at ignoring potential signs of ill health. They often take the stance that it has to ‘turn black and fall off’ before a visit to the GP is warranted!  Any pain or discomfort experienced in the testicles should certainly not be ignored and the first step should be self-examination of the area to check for any unusual nodules, lumps or swelling.

man holding his groin area due to pain

Testicular cancer

Don’t think you are too young to get something like testicular cancer. It is most common to affect young men between 20 and 39 years.  In fact, almost half of all testicular cancers are diagnosed in men less than 35 years of age.

The good news is the treatment for testicular cancer is very effective and the vast majority of men are cured. So if in doubt, immediately visit your G.P.

Assuming that the self-examination does not give cause for concern as all seems perfectly normal, what next?  Well, it may set many male minds at rest to know that a sharp shooting pain into the testicles can be a surprisingly common, albeit an unnerving complaint. The cause of the problem may be easily treated by a Chiropractor.

The pain may be due to a tight (hypertonic) psoas muscle. The psoas muscle is the main hip flexor. The origin of the muscle is at the front (anterior) surface of the 12th thoracic to the 5th lumbar vertebrae of the spine. It attaches to the thigh bone(lesser trochanter of the femur).  The nerve to the scrotum travels up and passes through the psoas muscle, so any interference of the muscle, possibly brought on by exercise, poor posture or strain, can cause a shooting pain to travel down the nerve into the testes.

diagram of psoas,iliacus, piriformis, TFL muscles

Treatment for referred testes pain

A Chiropractic examination will detect this as the cause of the pain. The remedy? Soft tissue work of the psoas muscle, some gentle stretching (see video below), possibly coupled with gentle Chiropractic manipulations of the spine over the course of a few treatments, will swiftly rectify the complaint and the cause of the pain.

Watch the Psoas stretch video by clicking here

So guys – the problem might be easily solved. Don’t wait for it to fall off, you might need it!

Written by Anne French, Chiropractor and Functional Medicine Practitioner

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